love not hate
Love Not Hate Face Masks Soar During Racial Protests

Love Not Hate: This is the Answer

love not hate face masksWhen there is upheaval in society, where injustice and political slogans thrive, you will always find fashion close behind. Just think about the anti-war era and the peace symbol, created by Gerald Holtom. It remains a constant cry for peace on every article of fashion imaginable.

Today, even face masks are lock-step in response to the demand for change and justice. That’s what we’ve seen in a recent surge of our Love Note Hate face masks. In case you cannot hear the cry of black people, cities, and countries all around the world who have unified to end systemic racism and discrimination, you can now read it on their masks! Peaceful protests continue to abound after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. The powder keg has been lit, and people are protesting to “breathe” love not hate, justice not injustice, fairness not inequality.

The Hate Must End

When has hate ever done society any good? One would think the oppressors of the world seemed to have flunked world history. The injustice suffered by Africans in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, the Holocaust, and other hateful atrocities of the world were never the catalyst for good, peace, or decency in the human race.

We believe it’s past time to completely denounce hate and racism, and speak out against discriminatory people and systems everywhere.

365 Masks and its parent support the peaceful protests around the world in solidarity against racism and hate. We stand with our brothers and sisters in the black community to uphold their rightful place in the world as humans – lives that matter in every way.

We appreciate those who are spreading love not hate and do so in our Love Not Hate face masks. It makes us feel like we’re standing in solidarity with you because, at the end of the day, we are.