homemade face masks
Homemade Face Masks and Coverings: Signs of Kindness

There’s unity and community in every handmade face mask.

365 masks coronavirusIf there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us – it’s that in times of widespread peril, our differences seem to fade away and we actually do know how to unify against a common enemy for the common good.  It’s amazing how the definition of our “neighbor” has expanded from just our local communities to new friends around the world whom we’ve never met before. Humanity from near and far has come together to support each other during the coronavirus outbreak. We see it every day – small acts of kindness – even in the boon of homemade face masks and coverings.

The world understands that our amazing healthcare workers face a shortage of face masks. With surgical face masks rightfully reserved for healthcare workers or other medical first responders, people everywhere have risen to the occasion to do their part and make their own cloth face coverings. From those who have never sat in front of a sewing machine, to seasoned experts and novice DIYers, handmade face masks and coverings are being produced in living rooms and kitchens around the world. At 365MASKS.com, we applaud this small, enterprising gesture of kindness, and will do our part to support every way that we can.

If you’re making masks for donations, check with your local hospitals and healthcare networks. Many, like Banner Health in Arizona, are looking for 100,000’s of homemade face masks for their non-COVID-19 response teams. Healthcare professionals in patient services, administration, and pharmacy staff would benefit the most.

Perform a simple Google search, or check your local news outlets for the call for face masks and coverings in your area.

How do we show kindness with face masks?

As a fashion marketplace for handmade face masks, we don’t physically create our face masks, but we do show our support and kindness via mask and monetary donations. One of our designated non-profits is Love Beyond Walls.

You may have seen this awesome organization on CNN or MSNBC and its portable sinks with soap and water to help the homeless during this coronavirus pandemic. Face masks are also a need for homeless communities, as everyone in the general public moves towards face masks and coverings for everyday use. So just know that with each purchase of a mask on 365MASKS.com, your purchase helps us make a difference and show kindness to those who have little.

So, whether you create face masks for healthcare professionals or the homeless, your acts of kindness are shining through one of the darkest times in our history. Our hats off, keep going!