face masks
Face Masks Are the New Scarves

Call us crazy, but we have a prediction: Face masks will become the new scarves!

While the evolution of face masks from a safety necessity to a trendy accessory won’t happen overnight, soon face masks will become an everyday fashion statement – with or without health in mind.

The thing that will take face masks and face coverings over the top will be the continued creativity and ingenuity of face mask makers and the discovery of new ways to use various fabrics and materials. And, it only takes one’s favorite celebrity or influencer rocking their favorite face mask to seal the deal.

What’s the most creative use of material you’ve seen for a face mask? We’ve seen face masks created out of designer carry-all bags to organic material. Everyone loves self-expression through style, and what better way to make a statement than at the face-level. The face mask market really hasn’t scratched the surface on its growth and popularity.

On a more serious note, we’re still living in this new normal of the unknown – will COVID-19 become seasonal like influenza? Will we prepare every fall or every spring for the ‘next round’ of coronavirus, social distancing, and hand sanitizer purchases?

Who knows. But this uncertainty will definitely influence us all to consider adding an assortment of face masks to our everyday wardrobe. We’ll want, or perhaps need a face mask for shopping, going to work, or even formal affairs. So, save some space in your scarf, accessories, or sock drawer. With so many face mask designs out here to choose from, you’ll be able to keep yourself protected from air pollutants, and still express your individual style.

Scarves, guess who’s staying for dinner…